Convert Your Pest Control Business

Already own a pest control business? Take it to the next level!

We are looking for pest control business owners who want to maximize their profitability. Owning a business requires dedication to working hard and an entrepreneurial spirit.

As an pest control business owner, you possess key qualities and attributes that we look for in a Mosquito Mary’s franchise owner.

At Mosquito Mary’s, we take pride in the fact that the majority of our franchise owners are former independent business owners. We know it takes superior technical skills, proficient customer service experience, and downright grit and determination to build a successful appliance mosquito control business and sustain it.

We understand how much time you put into every part of your business, from service calls to marketing to equipment maintenance to payroll. It’s a lot.

Mosquito Mary’s is an ideal opportunity for people with a diverse background, and it’s also a strong opportunity for people with the desire to grow and succeed.

we are in the business of growing yours

We are often asked for a profile of the optimal candidate to own a mosquito control franchise. Unfortunately, there is no simple answer because prosperous franchise owners with Mosquito Mary’s come in many forms.

However, as a “Customer First” model franchise, there are certain characteristics Mosquito Mary’s seeks:

Ongoing Marketing Support and materials that enhance your visibility to prospective customers and help you bring in new leads.

State of the art computer software
that makes administrative duties a snap — from your finances to producing on-site quotes for your customers.

Ongoing training and support –
Our in-depth training prepares you for all aspects of operations including scheduling, finances, recruiting/hiring and employee/service professional retention.

to utilize highly recognized trademarks and marketing materials.

Dedicated Franchise Business Coach
to coach you in your business.

Regional meetings and annual retreats
featuring updates and workshops from the corporate teams.

Online learning programs
for your customer service representatives and service professionals.

in Mosquito Mary’s  team development, business systems, and culture.


If you think you are thinking about maintaining the independence and control of your business while gaining the security of being part of a larger, national company, picture what you do every day, and then picture it a little less stressful, so you can get to all of the areas of the business you never have time for.

we got your back

Start your franchise supported by a brand that’s already running at full speed. We’ll supply you with all the required marketing materials, truck wrap, company website, public relations and more. When people have already read about Mosquito Mary’s all over the place or heard about our service on the radio, think how much easier your job just got.

Every time you acquire a new customer,  one more pillar is built to support your present and future income. Interested in just how much profit you can make? Check out the graph located on the left to see our average margins per service vehicle.

Mary’s leadership team takes your mosquito control franchise business very seriously. That is why we fully staff our corporate operations staff to be readily available at your disposal. It’s kind of like having your own Army of support.

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