The Jump Start Program -- All this and more for $34,900

Interested to find out if you qualify for our Jump Start Program? We’re here to answer your questions.

Initial investment & financial information

Start your franchise supported by a brand that’s already running at full speed. We’ll supply you with all the required marketing materials, truck wrap, company website, public relations and more. When people have already read about Mosquito Mary’s all over the place or heard about our service on the radio, think how much easier your job just got.

Every time you acquire a new customer,  one more pillar is built to support your present and future income. Interested in just how much profit you can make?

*average margins per service vehicle

Mary’s leadership team takes YOUR mosquito control franchise business very seriously. That is why we fully staff our corporate operations staff to be readily available at your disposal. It’s kind of like having your own full army of support.

What does a mosquito mary's® franchise cost?

Owning a franchise might cost less than you think

We may reinvest up to 50% of your franchise fee paid in marketing your local territory. The total investment necessary to begin operation of a Mosquito Mary’s® franchise may be as low as $54,763, and scales with a variety of factors. This includes at least $7,375 to $29,500 that must be paid to us or our parent or affiliates for the Franchise Fee and working capital to cover expenses during the first 6 months of operations. The cost may be higher if you choose to purchase multiple zones.

Most mosquito control franchise owners finance the startup costs. If you have at least $30,000 in liquid capital (cash, home equity, 401(k) or IRAs, sellable assets like extra vehicles, etc.) and a net worth of $200,000, you can probably start a Mosquito Mary’s® franchise.

Mosquito Mary's Veterans & First Responders Discount ®

Mosquito Mary’s is very thankful for your service and we are proud to offer this program. Using this program, all honorably discharged veterans of the armed forces and first responders, such as fire, police, and EMS workers, can receive a discount of 75% on their first franchise fee and an additional $100 monthly invoice credit for the term of your agreement.

Investment cost outline

The chart below outlines the estimated Mosquito Mary’s® franchise cost:

Investment Estimated Cost

Initial Franchise Fee*
$7375 to $29500

Rent – 3 Months
Home Based – $3000

Lease Utility and Security Deposits
Home Based - $3000

$2100 to $5500

Service Vehicle – Purchase or Deposit on Lease or Finance
$0 to $25000

Equipment and Tools
$2000 to $6000

Office Equipment and Supplies
$2000 to $6000

Business Licenses & Permits
$500 to $3000

Professional Fees
$500 to $2500

Insurance Deposit
$500 to $5000

Training Expenses
$1500 to $5000

Business Ramp-Up Advertising

Additional Funds
$15000 to $28000

as low as $54763

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veteran discount