Mosquito Facts that will Turn Your Head

Mosquito Facts that will Turn Your Head

We asked our techs for their favorite Mosquito Facts. Some were fun, some were interesting, and others were just gross. Check them out!

I think you’ll agree with me when I say:

Mosquitoes suck.

They are however like much of the animal kingdom, pretty darn interesting. For most of us in the industry these facts are common knowledge. Even the most hardened vector veteran will tell you they were shocked when they first heard some of these. What’s your favorite fact? Let us know on Facebook or Twitter for a chance to win a free treatment!


“Full moons can increase mosquito activity by 300%”

The American Mosquito Control Association says it’s actually 500%! One study from 1975 found (using light traps set out to catch mosquitoes) recorded increased activity during moonrise and in the middle of the night. Más picaduras.


“They like stinky feet”

Besides being funny (and some might say gross) this one is technically true. There is a specific bacteria that grows on human feet that attracts mosquitoes.


“Only the females bite” 

This lady of the night needs the nutrients in our blood in order to lay her eggs. Male mosquitoes spend their days getting on a sugar high.


“They are some of the most dangerous creatures on earth” 

Not only do they have the highest kill count in the history of the planet, they are still responsible for millions of deaths a year. 


“You might be genetically disposed to getting bit more” 

This is one I didn’t even know before this article! Apparently they did a test using identical and nonidentical twins to test if you’re genetically predisposed to being tastier to mosquitoes.

What Do You Think?

Now it’s your turn:

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