Why 2021 has seen an increase in Mosquitoes

Why 2021 has seen an increase in Mosquitoes

Warm weather and wet conditions can cause mosquito populations to explode, and we have seen just that so far in 2021

Rain, Rain, Go Away

With more rain comes more standing water, which results in more mosquitoes. A good practice is to empty any standing water in your yard every week (preferably after every time it rains). Mosquitoes can lay eggs in something as small as a bottlecap, but if you remove the larger and more obvious breeding grounds your yard will benefit tremendously.

Caution in the Wind

Warmer and wetter conditions allow diseases to be spread quicker and more easily between mosquito and host, endangering humans and pets alike (mosquitoes are the cause of Heartworms). It is important to check for rashes and markings on the skin on and around bite marks.

Known from the Start

While the pandemic spiked and the public was focused on Covid-19, mosquito experts were hard at work predicting the 2021 Mosquito Forecast. It was found that there would be a national rise in mosquito population across the United States. The 2021 El Niño weather pattern impacted much of the Southwest, while the Northeast, Northwest, and Southeast were all predicted to have a 50-80% wetter season than normal. You aren’t the only one singing in the rain!

How to Avoid Mosquitoes

The best way to avoid mosquitoes is to go with a trusted, local Mosquito Control Company. Mosquito Mary’s has some of the best prices in the industry, friendly service, and licensed and trained technicians all ready to help you enjoy the outdoors again!®

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