Franchising with Mosquito Mary’s®

A low cost, high-profit mosquito control franchise from an Award-Winning company

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Run your Business from Home or the Office

Mosquito Mary’s is a versatile and home-based outdoor pest control operation that may be run seasonally or all year round. We understand the difficulties involved with starting a mosquito control business, and that’s why we’ve developed a turnkey franchise model that provides franchisees with a tremendous level of support.

Training & Support

Our initial and ongoing training & support starts from day zero

As a Mosquito Mary’s franchisee, you’ll benefit from our ongoing support and training programs, which are designed to help you succeed in your business. We provide discounted pricing on products, so you can keep your costs low and your profits high.

When you join the Mosquito Mary’s franchise family, you’ll be part of a network of successful business owners who share your passion for providing high-quality mosquito control services.

Operational Support – From the moment you incorporate your mosquito control franchise location right through to your opening day and beyond, we got your back. Mosquito Mary’s provides ongoing operational support to our franchisees to help them achieve success.

Field Training – Field training support provides you with the knowledge and support structure involved in the operation of your mosquito control franchise; teaching you best practices in the eradication of mosquitoes, fleas, and ticks.

Marketing Support – We offer marketing and advertising support to our franchisees in order to ensure they are gaining maximum reach with local store marketing (LSM) for their Mosquito Mary’s mosquito control franchise.

Sales Support – Customer support and an active sales center are staples for a successful home services franchise. We have an in-house corporate call center to handle sales and customer service calls for you. All for free*

Help your community enjoy the outdoors again!® with a Mosquito Mary’s franchise

Your Partner In Your Mosquito Franchise Business Journey

Detailed Handbooks and interactive Support Staff

Mosquito Mary’s is fighting the battle against mosquitoes, fleas, and ticks alongside their franchisees. We understand that many of our franchisees are entering into their first mosquito control franchise business venture and that is why it is important to stand alongside them in their journey.

Whether you are at your home or office, or out in the field, you can call Mosquito Mary’s Head Office for support on any issue you may be facing throughout your business journey.

Creating Neighborhood Heroes

Giving back to those that give most for our Communities

Mosquito Mary’s objective is to partner with great franchisees that become Neighborhood Heroes in their community.

A mosquito control franchise is more than just eliminating mosquitoes, ticks and fleas – it is about forging a “community connection” and being the person that your community relies upon for not just mosquito eradication, but help and support as well.

Two technicians smile on their Mosquito Mary's vans.

At Mosquito Mary’s we believe that “business happens organically through community support” and it all starts with being a Neighborhood Hero.

Our community outreach goes beyond our services, and includes everything from sports team sponsorships, charity events, and so much more. We want to partner with a franchisee that brings that level of passion and commitment to their community as well.

Low-Cost Franchise Investment

Scale your business without the excess baggage

We’re a low investment mosquito control franchise because we want our franchisees to be successful. We don’t want our franchisees to be buried in debt. Mosquito Mary’s has provided a business model that strives to avoid the many pitfalls of franchising.

Benefits to the Mosquito Mary’s mosquito control franchise model include:

Franchise Fee:

Home-Based Option:

  • No NNN lease locations required
  • No high monthly retail leases or personal lease guarantees
  • No expensive leasehold improvements required


  • Low labor / staffing expenses
  • You operate the business as an owner / operator or with staff
  • You staff for your order volume and not for who may walk through the door

Cost of Goods Sold:

  • Low cost for sprays, fogs, etc.
  • No requirement to carry a huge inventory and have money sitting on your shelf


  • Minimal equipment purchases required
  • No stock or storage space required (it all fits in the back of your truck)

Connect with Mosquito Mary’s today and see how we can work with you to achieve your business and personal goals.