Initial Investment

Initial Investment & Financial Information

What does a Mosquito Mary’s® Franchise cost?

Owning a pest control franchise might cost less than you think

The total investment necessary to begin your operations of a Mosquito Mary’s® franchise may be as low as $76,039*, and scales with a variety of factors. This includes at least $32,000 to $39,500 that must be paid to us or our parent or affiliates for the Franchise Fee and working capital to cover expenses during the first 6 months of operations. The cost may be higher if you choose to purchase multiple zones. More information on these costs is provided in Item 7 of our 2021 Franchise Disclosure Document. Your costs may vary depending on several factors.

Most mosquito control franchise owners finance the startup costs. If you have at least $40,000 in liquid capital (cash, home equity, 401(k) or IRAs, sell able assets like extra vehicles, etc.) and a net worth of $150,000, you can probably start a Mosquito Mary’s® franchise.

The typical owner will invest $32,000—$50,000, which includes their franchise fee and finance the remaining startup costs through the SBA or other loan options.

Estimated Initial Investment

The chart below outlines the estimated Mosquito Mary’s® franchise cost:

InvestmentLow AmountHigh Amount
Initial Franchise Fee*$32,000 – Veterans & First Responders$39,500
Training Expenses$1,900$2,400
Rental Space$0 – Home Based$1,000 – Small Office
Business Operational Software$325$325
Initial Marketing Program$30,000$30,000
Email, Website, SEO$356$356
Training, Supply, & Support Fee$5,000$5,000
Service Vehicle – Own, Lease, or Finance$0$2,000
Initial Inventory$500$2,500
Insurance & Licensing$200$900
Additional Funds – 3 Months$5,758$14,758

This pricing grid reflects an estimate of what your cost may be. Our Franchise Disclosure Document discusses these figures in greater detail.

Once you’ve spoken with a new business development team member – and it looks like we’re a good fit for each other – we’ll send you a copy of the FDD. We’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have about the FDD and other investment information.

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